Preserving Our Holy Grounds

Uphold the Serenity of Our Beloved National Shrine Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes

Preserving the Grotto

“We have to maintain the Grotto in a very special way so that people when they visit here, get a special experience. It’s important that they experience something very different and that they feel God’s presence here.”

Richard Miller, C’74

Member, Mount St. Mary’s Board of Trustees

Grotto Visitors

people visit the National Shrine Grotto each week

Investing In the Grotto

“It’s time to invest in the Grotto so that it will serve future generations and the Forward! campaign can do that.”

John Jaffee, C’74 &
Belinda Lowry Jaffee, C'74

St. Mary's Chapel

How Your Gift Impacts The Grotto



“The Higher We Go, The Better We Shall Hear The Voice Of Christ” – Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

The National Shrine Grotto steps are in need of care and sponsorship in order to facilitate a more prayerful journey from the University to the National Shrine Grotto. As students and pilgrims climb up the stairs seeking peace and inspiration at the National Shrine Grotto, we would like to offer places of reflection with benches and saint memorials to help them experience Christ along the way.

Grotto Cave

The Impact of Your Gifts



The Grotto Cave needed space to display additional candles and more room for prayer to accommodate our growing number of visitors to worship Jesus Christ and venerate Our Blessed Mother. All funds were raised and renovations were completed in spring of 2018.


Together As One, We Move FORWARD!

Help assure the National Shrine Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes will move FORWARD! and continue to draw pilgrims for future generations by giving them the same opportunity you experienced—the unique intercessory power of prayer on these holy grounds.