Inspiring Future Shepherds

Invest in Upgrades that Move Our Catholic Church Traditions FORWARD!

Serving Future Generations

“The Forward! campaign is really to assure that this historic home continues to serve future generations of priests so they can say the same thing about the seminarians that are here today.”

Rev. Msgr. Andrew R. Baker, S.T.D.

Seminary Rector & Vice President

The Mount Seminary has formed more than

Priests from 104 dioceses across the country with 51 alumni being appointed as a bishop

Seeing the Mount Thrive

“Because of the magnitude of the Forward! campaign, the Mount has an opportunity to not just survive, but to actually thrive.”

Fr. Lee Brokaw, S’17

Diocese of Peoria


How Your Gift Impacts The Seminary


This iconic building is home to future shepherds of the Catholic church. Its ability to stand the test of time has been a symbol of strength for all who have called it home, but it now needs repairs to its HVAC system, new windows, and general building maintenance to continue being a place of formation for generations to come.

St. Bernard's Chapel

How Your Gift Impacts The Seminary


St. Bernard’s Chapel is the spiritual heart of the Seminary building. To continue to inspire our seminarians in their devotion to their calling, the chapel requires general maintenance, as well as new flooring, painting, and finishing.

Together As One, We Move FORWARD!

Together, we stand as brothers and sisters of the Catholic faith; together, we must invest in the future of our beloved Seminary to ensure its lasting legacy. We sincerely appreciate your support today to create the Mount of tomorrow.